Ridgeline Video Communications produces high quality, high-def videos for the web and portable media. We take your video project from concept to script to multi-camera recording to post-production to finished, polished product.

Video Applications Include:

External audience

  • Company communications and messaging
  • Market-specific messaging
  • Brand development
  • Product / service description

Internal audience

  • Employee orientation and education
  • Vendor orientation and education
  • Brand standards demonstration
  • Meetings and presentations


Why Ridgeline?

Ridgeline is fast. You don’t build a brand or launch a major multimedia ad campaign in a day. We accept that. Then again, sometimes inspiration strikes like lightning. The market shifts. A trend develops. You need to keep up. We’re there with you, meeting or beating every deadline you throw at us.

Ridgeline is thorough. Your video starts with a consultation that will bring your idea to life, clarify your project’s goals, deliverables and metrics, and articulate how it fits into your overall advertising campaign or marketing identity. Then we help you develop a script and storyboards that deliver your message accurately and authentically.

Ridgeline is quality. A high quality video requires high quality equipment. We use Panasonic video cameras, wireless and hardwired mics by Sennheiser and Azden, professional grade LED lighting and industry standard video editing software to exceed your production expectations.

Ridgeline is experienced. We have performed our services at all levels of corporate and nonprofit environments, from executive to assembly line. We will work with your technical team to ensure optimal placement of your video on the web or portable media.